Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Quilted Burp Cloth

I love handmade baby things! 
 I made a big batch of these  burp cloths before baby boy #2 was born.  They work great for on-the-go and in the diaper bag, but I wanted something a little bigger and thicker to use at home.

Using an extra absorbent cloth diaper and some cute cotton fabric, I found the perfect solution.

This simple burp cloth is a great way to try your hand at quilting while using up some of those fabric scraps.  

Here are the basic steps:

You will need a prefold cloth diaper. 

 I purchased my diapers online quite a long time ago, but they are similar to these.  Gerber prefold diapers can be purchased at Target and Wal mart, but are slightly smaller and thinner.  

The next step is to measure the length and width of the center panel and add 1/2" to each measurement.  
The width of my center panel was around 5" so I added 1/2" for a total width of 5 1/2".

Sew together scraps of fabric to make one piece of fabric that measures the dimensions from step #2.

Iron all four raw edges under with a 1/4" hem.  Pin the panel in place.

Using a wide zigzag stitch, carefully sew around the edge of the fabric panel.  

Stitch along the seams of each of the fabric pieces.  Quilt any or all fabric pieces.  I prefer a simple style so I only quilted a few pieces.  

Enjoy your cute quilted burp cloth!


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