Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Boys

Here are a few pictures of the boys on Easter Sunday.
Grandma bought Drew his first suit.  He was so excited to be dressed up just like Daddy! 
 I made both boy's bow ties, but failed to realize that Titus is such a chunky monkey he didn't have much of a neck to wear his on.  :)

They are both growing up too fast!  


  1. By the way, I LOVE your blog design! It's o fresh and simple.. Just perfect. :)

  2. Love that "chunky monkey's" neckless necktie. Seriously, Alisa, your boys are just too adorable. How do you handle it? Don't you just wanna squeeze 'em all the time? That last picture of Drew made me laugh out loud. What a nut.

  3. Oh man, how cute are they!! I might have to come see them again soon!! :)

  4. The are both so handsome. Titus looks like he is taking this "dress-up thing" quite seriously. It's hard to believe he will soon be four months old. I can hear Drew singing the B-I-B-L-E at the top of his lungs as he waves his Bible. The bowties turned out so cute. Have to love Drew's hair. It SO fits his little personality and hair color!

  5. Thanks for posting pictures of your adorable boys. AND...so good to see you blogged, again. :)



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