Friday, April 1, 2011

22 Months: What am I Learning

I can't believe Drew will be turning two in a little over a month!

  He has become so observant and is learning new words everyday.  He loves to help and has learned how to put his hat and shoes away and to put his dirty clothes in the laundry room basket.  He is always running into the kitchen to get the kitchen towel to "wash" something -- usually the rims of his toy truck or his motorcycle.  He likes things clean!  
{He is his daddy's son!} 

Since he is learning so quickly at this age, I have been trying to spend a few concentrated minutes each day teaching him basic pre-school skills -- colors, numbers, letters.  Sometimes we spend 10-15 minutes, other times it's about 2.  It is usually very simple and unstructured and quite often it involves a game.  There are so many ways to make learning fun, and it is so important to instill a love for learning at a young age.

Here's what we did this week...

I found these little stainless steel condiment cups at the grocery store and put them to good use teaching Drew the "sorting game". 

I mixed up a few different snack foods and then taught him how to put each one in the right container.

It took quite a bit of patience for him to pick up one at a time - instead of a whole handful - and to put each piece carefully into the right cup.  

After a few turns he was really enjoying the little game and was so proud of himself!

I love watching him discover new things and I am trying to enjoy every single minute of this wonderful and crazy age!


  1. Love it! We will definitely have to try that with Connor. He may eat the snacks instead of sorting them though. ;)

  2. I hadn't thought of that sort of activity yet. Great idea and thanks for sharing! Gonna try today!



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