Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Frugal Foaming Dish Soap

I really like the foaming hand soap from Bath and Body Works.  I love how the soap comes out all sudsy with no need to lather!  

Well, I wanted to find a way to have that same convenience in my kitchen.  I decided to recycle an empty foaming bottle and make my own foaming dish soap.  
Really there's not much to it...

Reusing an empty foaming hand soap bottle I rinsed out any leftover soap and peeled off the label.

{You can use goo-gone or nail polish remover to get the glue off.}

I added a small amount of liquid dish soap and then filled the rest of the bottle with water.  

Give it a little shake and try it out. 

My ratio was approximately 1 part soap to 6 parts water.  
Of course, if it seems too thick try less soap and more water.

{I had to add a little vinyl to make it more fun!}

I love that it is so easy to use and also stretches my liquid soap a little further.

It is of course not as concentrated as the full strength liquid soap, but it works great for the pre-dishwasher cleaning that I do on most of my dishes and really for all of my general dishwashing.  

{If I have an extremely greasy plastic dish then I can still pull out the liquid soap from under my sink if I need to.}  

It's nice to use a lot less soap for the same sink full of dishes and not even notice the difference!  

Foaming Dish Soap Works For Me!


  1. Great money saving idea!! Thanks for sharing

  2. I was just going to do this!! Love it!

  3. My bottle is nearly empty and I was going to research about making my own - thanks for saving me the trouble! ;)
    The vinyl adds a cute detail!

  4. Do you think this ratio would work for handsoap as well? I love the foaming hand soap but it's so much more expensive that regular liquid handsoap. I'd be curious if anyone has tried it.



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