Monday, February 28, 2011

10 Fun Facts about Redheads

Because on May 15, 2009 I was blessed with a little redheaded spitfire, and because his hair doesn't seem to be changing color anytime soon, and because I love sharing random research; here are a few facts about redheads...

1.  Red hair is the rarest hair type in the world with only 1-2% of the population boasting red locks. 

2.  Red hair is more commonly found in the United Kingdom and Ireland with famous leaders like King Henry VIII, Queen Elizabeth, Prime Minister Winston Churchill and Prince Harry sporting red hair.

3.  Historically King David and Judas Iscariot in the Bible are thought to have had red hair.

4.  The genetics behind red hair was discovered in 1997.

5.  Redheads make up 2-6% of the population of the United States, giving the US the largest population of redheads in the world.

6.  It has been proven that redheads require more anesthesia during surgery. 

7.  The red hair gene is recessive and requires both parents of a redhead to carry a copy of the gene.

8.  Redheads have a lower threshold when it comes to thermal pain.

9.  40% of the population of Scotland carry the redhead gene making it the country with the highest proportion of redheads in the world. 

10.  Other famous redheaded leaders include Oliver Cromwell, Thomas Jefferson & Napoleon Bonaparte. 

Source: Wikipedia

**It has been scientifically proven that sharing these fun facts with others will brighten a redhead's day...

ok, maybe not.

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  1. Totally brightened this redheads day! I love being a redhead, just wish all the health problems that come with it weren't something I had to worry about.

  2. How fun! I love redheads!! And my birthday is May 15, too!

    Thanks for linking up!

  3. My youngest brother is a redhead! I may have to share this list with him... :)

  4. I enjoyed the "Fun Facts about Redheads." I will have to share them with Drew's great aunt. p.s. Drew is the sweetest little redhead I know.

  5. This is cute! Redheads are awesome!~

  6. I've always loved red hair. Too bad I don't have it. I've thought of getting a red tint though. I am O negative though, and THAT'S rare, but not quite so apparent.

  7. Brightened this Redheads day too! My oldest son has strawberry blond hair and my baby boy has red hair! So we have 3 redheads in my family! And BTW, I do have low pain tolerance! :0) Thanks for sharing the post.

  8. I have a little red head man too! A month before yours - April 14. Gotta love the redheads:)

  9. Totally made my day! I'm not a true redhead though, mine is mor auburn. But my father had dark red hair and my brother had that red/orange unmanageable hair that made CarrotTop famous. My dad was the only one in his family with true red hair. Several siblings had auburn though. No one ever said they knew where the hair came from, but his mother's family was from Scotland. With your redhead trivia, you have answered a lot of questions for me. I did have to look up thermal pain but didn't find out exactly what it is.

  10. hay guys im 10 and have red hair it runs in my family, my cusin she has red hair im also the tallest kid in my class?!?!?! these are very cool facts about red heads :) some of them i never even knew!

  11. it also runs in my family that i am Irish,germen, and french! bongor peps!



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