Sunday, September 12, 2010

Fall Candle Revamp

Fall is s.l.o.w.l.y making it's way down South.  

Every once in a while a cool breeze will blow, reminding me that summer will not last forever.  The oppressive heat and humidity will abate and there will finally be a chill in the air.  For us in the south that may still be a few months away, but even so I am truly excited about this season!

I love everything about fall!  The smells, the colors, the weather and the food.  

My goal this year is to have my living room completely painted by the end of September so that I can put up all my fall decor my the beginning of October. 

With the help of my husband we have finished painting the living room and have only the trim to complete!
I still have a couple of weeks left to finish the trim and make my goal!

Unfortunately, I could not resist the urge to pull out a few decorations.  I have quite a few odds and ends and want to revamp what I already have to make it look fresh for this year.  

This candle is one of my favorites! It makes my kitchen smell SO good when it is burning.  After a couple of years of use, it definitely needed some sprucing up.  Using thrift store plates and adding ribbon and vinyl, my favorite candle has a second life! :)

I plan on doing a few more "vinyl" candles to possibly give as gifts.  A monogrammed candle would make such a cute personalized Christmas gift.

Happy (soon to be) Fall!


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