Thursday, August 19, 2010

Yard Sale Finds

A couple of weekends ago I find these vintage books for a $.25 at a yard sale.

The lady mentioned that they used to be her husband"s books when he was a child.  They were in mint condition and so cute!

I am just amazed by how long the paragraphs are on each page.

The books are about the size of a Golden book, but they seem to have quite a few more words.

Children obviously had a much longer attention span back in those days!

Drew's enjoyed looking at the sweet pictures...


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  1. How gorgeous are vintage books! I love everything that was made more than 20 years ago before ipads came out and every one had a mobile!

  2. I love finding old kids books! I will say, I found one at a yard sale in mint condition (it even had the original old, old bandaid that came with the book, since the book was about a little cowboy who fell and needed a bandaid) and I let my oldest read it, which got left with all the other books the kids can read...and that was the end of the book. It's still some what readable, but missing parts of pages. I should have put it away for when they were old enough to appreciate it. I have thus learned and have a stash of books I want saved till they are a bit older!
    Those old books are so neat! What a great find!!


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