Friday, July 30, 2010

Pearly Whites


Now that Drew's teeth are coming in we've been trying to remember to brush them on a regular basis.  He loves to walk around the house "brushing" his little teeth.

Of course, he usually digs in the bathroom cabinet until he finds one of our toothbrushes to slobber on.

He takes his job pretty seriously!

We can only hope that his love for brushing will continue into his childhood years!

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  1. Visiting from NFF! I can remember when my kids LOVED to walk around with their tooth brushes sticking out of their mouths! SO cute!

  2. aw so cute :-) how many does he have now?

  3. if my 5 year old son was as dilligent as your little guy looks... his teeth would never have plaque... so funny visiting from NFF

  4. Wow, he sure is growing up! I am one proud uncle :)



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