Friday, July 16, 2010

Blueberry Picking

Last weekend we spent an afternoon at a blueberry patch.  Drew had so much fun and loved the opportunity to be outside!   

The blueberries were very ripe and so sweet.  They were practically falling off of the branches.  Drew faithfully carried around his bucket, occasionally picking berries off the bushes.

A few blueberries made it into his bucket...

but most made it into his mouth!

Daddy was the fastest picker and had our bucket filled up in no time!

We enjoyed sweet blueberries and wonderful time together as a family. 

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  1. Hey I saw you on New Friend Fridays, you were before me in the list(:
    Your son is ADORABLE! My little sisters look like they're about the same age, and they're the same way when we pick berries. They just can't seem to make them in the bucket cause they're too busy putting them in their mouths(:
    Your whole blog is really cute and I really enjoyed looking at it!

  2. Looks like fun!!
    Y'all need to check out Curious George Makes Pancakes next week when you go to the library. It is one of our favorites; George adds a whole bunch of blueberries. :) Our library had the book on tape, and we listened to it in the van for weeks.

  3. So, SO jealous! Would LOVE to have access to a blueberry patch around here. Would even settle for lower prices at the grocery store. ;)

  4. Drew is so cute picking and eating blueberries!

  5. lucky lady.... I love blueberries. Your son is adorable! Great pictures of him.

  6. Drew looks just like Donnie! - Miss you guys!



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