Friday, June 11, 2010


So I have been wanting a deep freeze for a long time.  I was hoping Donnie would buy me one for Christmas, but instead he bought me a fabulous camera!  

{Way better gift!}  

Anyway, since Christmas, I had kinda' dropped the idea of getting a freezer until I could find a used one for a good price.  Well, a wonderful and generous family in our church recently gave us their old chest freezer!  It is in great condition and is the perfect size!  It just amazes me that not only does God meet our daily needs, but so often He gives us our "wants" too! 

I have already started to fill it up with discount meat and sale items.  Now I need to find a good system to organize and record all of the food stored in the freezer so that nothing goes to waste.  

I would love any insight that you have on this issue!  

Please share some of your great ideas!

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  1. Oh, how exciting! I keep looking at getting little crates to keep food categorized, but haven't done it yet. I know one lady who keeps a diagram of where she keeps food/cuts of meat in her freezer, but mine gets shuffled around too much for that (I don't have any drawers/shelves.) Have fun filling it!

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  3. What a wonderful blessing indeed! When my 2nd daughter was born 4 months early, the community rallied and raised the funds to buy us a chest freezer so we could store all the massive amounts of breast milk I pumped to feed her. It was a God-send at the time and we've continued to make good use of it. Unfortunately, I just kind of throw stuff in there and somehow remember what I have, which doesn't help you, but my father keeps a detailed list with tick marks inside the door so he always knows what he has. :)

  4. Ooh. I just got a freezer too! I got an upright, but I was considering a chest one. I was going to try using a white board marker on the inside lid. You could do it like a diagram or just a list with dates? Good luck!

  5. I would rather have the camera any day over the freezer!! I keep ready to go items (frozed pizza and ect) in the small freezer along with the current weeks supply of meat. Everything else is broken down after shopping and goes in the deep freze. Congrats on your new buy!

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  7. I know this is old so you probably have it figured out already, but I love using these:

    Nothing ever goes to waste in my freezer anymore!

  8. Thanks for sharing, Wendy! That will definitely help!



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