Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Tile Floor Redo

We have been busy working on some home repair and remodeling projects. The first project we tackled was our kitchen floor.  We put in a tile floor a couple of years ago, but after a jar of Italian dressing was spilled on the floor it has never been the same!

 Obviously the oil from the dresing soaked into the grout making one section of the floor look dirty all the time!

  Well, we made a trip to Lowe's and bought this little grout saw. 

Tile Solutions Heavy-Duty Tile Grout Saw
 This saw is amazing!  It easily took off the top layer of discolored grout with minimal scrubbing.

After one thin coat of fresh grout, here is the finished product...

So Much Better!


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  1. That is seriously impressive. I had a similar incident and I need to clean it big time. May have to try your method!

  2. You should seal it so it doesn't get stained again. This was my battle with my kitchen counters till I sealed them.



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