Thursday, April 8, 2010

Ribbon Trim Curtains

I purchased these curtains on clearance a few months ago and have had them hanging in my kitchen.

They're a little boring (to say the least)...

but they have served their purpose.

To give them a little more interest I added a ribbon trim to the edge of each curtain.

This was my first opportunity to use my new sewing machine!

It was super easy and and great practice for straight stitching.

I'm still mastering the machine, but after this project my sewing skills might have improved!
{a little}

We have big plans to start some home improvement projects in the next few weeks so stay tuned!


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  1. Great transformation!! I'm stopping by from Life as Lori.

  2. Cute...Wouldn't have thought of doing something like that in a million years. You inspire me, Alisa.

  3. This looks great! I just love polka dots!

  4. They look so cute! Love the ribbon, they really make them stand out!

  5. I have drop cloth curtains that look very similar,, a little ribbon might spruce it up a bit. Yours look great.

  6. isn't it amazing how much a small change makes?! the ribbon looks great...keep practicing and you're sewing skills will improve by leaps and bounds.
    judi ;)

  7. Those are just adorable. The ribbon adds so much. Can't wait to see the home improvement projects. I hope it will involve pictures of both the little and big guy doing some trouble shooting.

  8. These curtains are so pretty. These look so much better.

    Thanks for joining Get Your Craft on Thursday! Please join me next week for another great party!

  9. I just love that ribbon. It gives it the right amount of punch. So cute!! Thanks for sharing at 'Look at me, I'm SO Crafty!' at Fun to Craft!!



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