Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Yummy Mocha Coffee Slush

Here's a great recipe for a homemade "coffeehouse" drink!

So Easy & So Yummy

No need to brew and chill a pot of coffee...

This recipe uses a coffee drink mix for a great coffee flavor.

Any brand will work, even a cappuccino mix tastes great!  Try different flavors to find your favorite combination!

Hershey's syrup gives this drink a rich chocolatey flavor!

I added 1-2 tablespoons, but for an extra chocolatey kick add in a little more!

Blend all the ingredients in a blender until smooth!

Add a little whipped cream...

or add a lot!

Add some more chocolate syrup...

and enjoy!

Here's the recipe:

Mocha Coffee Slush
       (printable version)


1 cup crushed ice
3/4 cup milk
3 T. mocha coffee drink mix
1-2 T. chocolate syrup
1-2 packets sweetener or sugar to taste 
1/2 t. vanilla extract
whipped cream (opt.)


In a blender or food processor blend milk, coffee mix, chocolate syrup, sweetener & vanilla until smooth.  Serve immediately topped with whipped cream and chocolate syrup.  Enjoy!


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  1. Oh, yeah! Definitely going to have to make this for my daughter and I. :D

  2. Wow! I am totally making these!! I have some Raspberry Mocha mix in my pantry. This looks so good, thanks for the recipe.

  3. That looks so good, I love me a good coffee drink! Thanks for sharing.

  4. I think I just cried a little. Happy tears, though. Happy tears.

    I think angels are singing as well.

  5. Considering there are no fancy coffee shops around me (!)--and the fact that my budget cannot handle my would-be-coffee-house-addiction--I say this is perfect! ;)

  6. great idea! I bet the sugar free mixes work well too. Your pictures are cute and they make me want one now!

  7. That is super yummy:) I would love for you to come and link up to check me out saturdays at www.iamonly1woman.blogspot.com

  8. I can't wait to make this! I am hooked on Caramel Frappacinos at Starbucks!

  9. Oh. My. WORD. I just inhaled one of these and it's fantastic! I used the vanilla bean latte flavor mix and caramel syrup and it's heaven in a glass! Thank you!!



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