Monday, January 25, 2010


Drew has finally learned to feed himself!
Over the last few weeks, he has mastered the ability to pick up small pieces of food and bring them to his mouth.
This may not seem like an amazing accomplishment, but this small milestone is very significant to the mother who has been his primary source of food for the last eight months. :)
It is also another small step from infancy to childhood and eventually to adulthood.
Each time Drew masters another skill it is both exciting and a little sad.
It's sad to think that he will never be this age again.
Although I look forward with anticipation to future milestones...
I am content to enjoy each and every moment.
When I look back at my baby boy...

I want to remember...

the joy of each milestone...
and the blessing...
of being a mother!


  1. Great pictures. You are good with that new camera. Even though we will be in Texas from now on, I will look forward to watching the Hagan family grow.

  2. Cute Al!!! I'm with you on being sad and happy at the same time as they grow. It is such a joy though! Lincoln has a onsie that looks exactly like Drew's bib! Love it!

  3. Love his cute little pudginess. You need to do a post on his rolls. Loved the pictures!



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